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Seamless Digital Payment Solution

TouchTunes announces the industry-first digital payment system, launching in late 2024, that allows users to easily pay for a full range of in-venue amusement machines with the tap of their mobile phone. Perfect for dart machines, pool tables, arcade games and more! Making play easily accessible for everyone.

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TouchTunes Starts LP

How it works

The new platform can be enabled at no cost on any Internet-connected machine or payment device. In addition, a low-cost retrofit kit will be available for any machines that are not already connected. These innovations mark a new era for TouchTunes as the company continues to create incredible entertainment experiences for bars and restaurants that bring people together. 

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TouchTunes Starts LP

 FunWallet Partners 

Join these leading manufacturers to bring seamless experiences to bar and restaurant customers.

Valley Nynamo

Partner with TouchTunes to modernize your payment systems.

"The launch of FunWallet is a huge step forward for us from a cost, revenue, and customer experience perspective. This type of offering shows us that TouchTunes is a true partner that supports our business and future growth."

— Chip O'Hara, Owner of Midwest Coin Concepts


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